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pick-up only temporary

Please stay safe & healthy!

Thank you!

Thank you for all our customers making us an extremely busy Mother's Day. 

Thank you for choosing us and thank you for your patience.

We are short of employee,  and we are really sorry that we make you wait on your important day. 

We are trying to get enough employee ASAP, and give better experience on your next big days.

Let's get through this together!


Since the price of Angus Beef has been almost double as before, we need to increase every angus beef dish $1 extra temporary.

Both our left and right side neighbors went closed permanent, and we are struggling too... We don't want to say how hard we are, but thank you for your support and understanding!

Tired of traditional order method? How about Match your own?


Match 1 Step 1: Choose Your Favourate Deep Fried Meat

Your choice of:

- Chicken Balls*

- Chicken Strips

- Battered Large Piece of Chicken Breast*

- Chicken Wings (10 pieces)

- Breaded Pork*

- Beef Strips

- Battered Shrimp Balls*

- Breaded Shrimp*

- Battered Squid Ring*

- Breaded Ribs (coming soon)*

 (* means source on the side, all chicken we are using is  white meat)


Match 1 Step 2: Choose Your Favourate Source

Your choice of:

- Sweet & Sour Sauce

- Lemon Sauce

- Honey & Garlic Sauce

- Szechuan Sauce (Sweet & Sour + Medium Spicy)

- Crispy Ginger Sauce (Honey & Garlic Sauce + Mild Spicy Ginger Sauce)


Match 2 Step 1: Choose Your Favourate Stir-Fried (Non Deep Fried) Meat

 Your choice of:

- Chicken (white meat)

- Sliced Angus Beef

- size 26/30 Shrimp


Match 2 Step 2: Choose Your Favourate Stir-Fried Method and Flavor

Your choice of: 

- Mixed Vegs

- Broccoli

- Mushroom

- Ginger & Onion

- Chop Suey: come with Bean Sprouts, Cabbage and Celery 

- Black Bean & Garlic Sauce*

- Curry Sauce*

- Satay Sauce*

- Kung Po: Sichuan Spicy Sauce with Bell Pepper, Onion and Peanuts

(*means come with Bell Pepper and Onion)


What are our Best Sellers & Famous Match?

- Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls

- Crispy Szechua Chicken Strips

- Lemon Chicken  (Battered Large Piece of Chicken Breast)

- Crispy Ginger Beef

- Kung Po Chicken

- Beef with Mixed Vegetable

- Sweet & Sour Pork with Pineapple

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